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How to Find the Best Web Hosting Company for Professional Photographers

Read this article and learn what is web hosting, what are the hosting options available, and how to find the best web hosting company for professional photographers?

So, you’ve decided to start your own website and now you are looking for a website hosting company?

Finding the right web hosting service is important for your business and if you have already made your own little research, we suppose you are confused by the different hosting options available. Don’t worry as we are here to help you find the best web hosting company for your photography business.

Before we present you some of the best web hosting companies on the market, allow us to explain to you the web hosting options available:

➢ Shared Hosting:

This is a very popular choice for photographers as it is an easy and affordable setup for beginners. With this type of hosting, you are getting your own shared space for an affordable price. If you are just starting out, this is a great option for you to use. There is no need to pay for expensive web hosting and spend your resources.

➢ VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. You will still share a server, however, this time, you will share it with fewer people and you will have more resources and control over the server settings. Dedicated web hosting is a whole server just for you and your site. It is an expensive option and it is recommended for large websites only.

➢ Managed WordPress Hosting

You can think of this hosting as a valet service. You can sit back and relax as they will take care of everything, including the performance of your site to security backups and much more. One of the benefits of managed web hosting is a professional support from the best WordPress developers and tech guys. This type of hosting is a good option for all websites, regardless of their size, especially if the owner has no technical knowledge or time to deal with web hosting issues. In other words, you can do what you do best and that is running your business and allow the hosting experts to care for the rest.

We hope we helped you understand the differences between the different types of hosting. In order to help you make a decision, we present to you the best web hosting companies for professional photographers:

● HostGator:

This is a very popular web hosting service provider that currently hosts over 9 million websites. With just one click you can install WordPress, there is 24/7 support, the uptime is 99.9%, and it is suitable for beginners and small businesses

● WPEngine

This is a leading WordPress hosting company. They offer daily backups, security updates, automatic caching, one-click restore points, top-tier security, and much more. If you want to focus on your photography business and you don’t want to deal with the technical side of running a website, this is the perfect solution for you.

hosting service provider

● Kinsta

This hosting company offers scalable cloud servers that are built for security, free backups, and active uptime monitoring. It is a great choice for those who want a simple hosting solution for their WordPress websites.

Take a look at these 3 hosting service providers and analyze whether they are good enough for your photography business. If you like one of these companies, we encourage you to go ahead and build your website.
You can find some great templates, pick one, customize it, add your products, add the necessary information and launch your own first photography website.
After reading this article which helps us learn more about hosting providers, we also recommend for your online business project to buy a domain name so you can have everything you need.


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