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The Difference Between a Web Hosting and a Domain Name

The Difference Between a Web Hosting and a Domain Name

For you to create a website, you must possess a domain name and a web host. So what is a web hosting and a domain name? It is crucial that you know their differences before you create your site.

What is web hosting?

A web hosting is an area where people store their sites. You can think of it as a wardrobe where you store all your clothes and other stuff, but in this case, you store all your computer files, images, documents, videos on the web host. Web hosting mostly refers to the company which rents out its computers or servers to store your site and provides internet connection so that other users can be in a position to access the files which are on your website. The web hosting companies will handle the maintenance work of your sites such as root configuration, maintenance, backup and disaster recoveries.

The meaning of domain name

The domain name can also be referred to the address of your site. Before you even set up your site, you are first supposed to have a domain name. To possess a domain name, you will first be required to register the domain name with a domain registrar. A domain name is not something tangible or something that you can see. It is a series of characters which give your site identity. Some examples of domain name include,, and of the domain names which are available are unique cannot get a domain name with two people. You cannot register  domain name if another user has already registered it.

Domain name versus web hosting

To simplify things, remember that a domain name is just like the address of your home while a web hosting is a place where you store your furniture in your home. Instead, of a street name a series of numbers and words are used as the address.

Should you get both domain name and web hosting at the same place?

Most of the times beginners are confused because a lot of companies offer domain registration and web hosting services at the same place. A majority of domain registrars nowadays are also providing web hosting services. You should not get these two items from the same company. The reason is that if you get them at the same place and you happen to fall out with the company, you won’t be able to carry your domain name with you. It is a lot easier to move with your domain name if you register your domain name with a third party.


 You should not panic if you already have registered your domain name with a web hosting provider. You can afterward transfer it to a third party without a lot of hustle.

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