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How to Register a New Domain Name?

How to Register a New Domain Name?

If you are starting out in the world of hosting, websites and domains, you will find yourself asking questions like how can I register my domain name? Before registering the name of your domain you will be required to first decide on your preferred domain name, check whether the domain name is available, pick a domain registrar the company that is going to register the domain name you select and finally you can purchase it.

Deciding on the name domain you prefer

There aren’t a lot of technical rules when it comes to picking a name for your website. You can register a domain of your choice so long as it does not belong to another person and it contains hyphens and alphanumeric characters. A good domain name should have a tld, should be clear, easy to memorize, and it should be legal to possess.

Ensuring that your domain is available

After you have shortlisted the domain names that you want, you should then look them up and see which one is available to use. You can use domaintyper to check for the available domains. The good thing with domaintyper is that it will notify you immediately you start keying in the available domain names.

To use the tool, you start by typing in the name of the domain. Ensure that the tld extension you want is on the list if it’s not you can add it by just clicking the add button, and then you select the domain name which is available.

Selecting a domain registrar

After deciding on the domain name that you want to register you can now go ahead to the domain registrar to buy the domain. There are many domain registrars, and it’s for you to decide the one you want to purchase from. Also if you’re going to buy a local domain name, then you should buy it from a local domain registrar. If you want an international domain, you can go for a Namecheap domain registrar. Regardless of the domain registrar that you choose the result from each one of them will be the same, and that is a new domain name.

Buying your domain

Buying your domain is the final step in the registering process. After this step, your domain name will be registered and ready to be used.


If you are a beginner and you had problems with registering your domain name I hope this guide will help you in registering your domain name.

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